New Management Review Service


Specialists in high quality Relief Management to the licensed trade

The comment from a lot of clubs is going to be, ‘Of course we are viable,’ but have you actually checked? 

We have been asked to carry out crisis management at clubs where they have been amazed to find themselves without the resources to continue and we have successfully offered advice to several clubs.

This additional service is based on a procedural check on all systems from cellar (ullage)    management, through to point of sale, including stock holding, profit, percentages, security and staffing levels.

Preferably the best time to carry out this service in order to keep costs to a minimum is when your Steward or Stewardess is going on holiday, then no additional staff hours need to be paid for.

The written report that is submitted, normally after a two week period, will also cover  staff training procedure and other recommendations from our experience in running many hundreds of clubs.

Although partly pre-empting a section of our report, but stated here so you will realise how thorough we are, is that we are likely to recommend that all food is ‘in house’ so that the club gets the maximum revenue in these difficult times.

It is important that clubs have up to date procedural advice from those in the trade running many clubs on a daily basis. 

The basic procedures must be maintained and enforced on the Steward / Stewardess as obviously committees change regularly and rarely include anyone from the licensed / hospitality trade.

The service mentioned above is in addition to the one outlined in the April 2009 ACC Magazine which set out that we can manage the whole club, with its added advantages.

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Reproduced by courtesy of the Association of Conservative Clubs
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