Pub Management


Pub Locums can manage your Pub - As a holding while you are selling or While you are recruiting or On a permanent basis.

There are many advantages including:

  1. All our Locums / Relief Managers are qualified with a minimum of a Personal Licence, Health and Safety, First Aid and Fire and Warden Certificates.  And, if applicable, Food Hygiene Certificate.
  2. Our service guarantees continuous working management (even if our Managers go on holiday or are ill) and all at no extra cost.
  3. Our Locums are self-employed and therefore you do not have to pay N.I.
  4. Your stock is safe as all our Locums are bonded.
  5. You do not have to pay for holidays – a very substantial amount with current legislation.
  6. You do not have to advertise or have the costs of obtaining new Managers.
  7. In case of dismissal or a dispute, you do not have sitting tenants in your accommodation or the ensuing legalities to cope with.
  8. You have the flexibility to change Managers if you wish.

This system is now working successfully in many pubs.

Do call me to have a further discussion if this prospect interests you.